Black Jack Rules

Black Jack is a simple game to learn and play
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Basic Black Jack Rules

Value of cards

  • 2 through 10 = face value
  • Jack, Queen and King = 10
  • Ace = 1 or 11


  • Having a higher hand than the dealer without going over 21

Standard game play

  • Typically 1-7 players against a dealer
  • You start with two cards
  • You ask for more cards until you stand or bust
  • Dealer's hole card is hidden until the end
  • Dealer must hit own cards until they total 17 or higher

Additional game play

  • Split: you can split a pair into two hands and therefore two bets
  • Doubling: you double your bet and get just one more card


If you don't bust and your total is higher than the dealer's total, you win even money, (e.g., if you bet $20 you win $20).

If your total and the dealer's is the same, it's a push and you neither win nor lose.

If your first two cards are a 10 value and an ace, you have a natural blackjack and you automatically win except if the dealer also has a natural blackjack. In that case, it's a push. However, if you win, the payoff is three to two (e.g., a $20 bet wins $30).


The most flexible rules concern the number of decks, whether the dealer must hit or stand on a soft 17, and whether doubling is allowed after splitting. Some rules allow you to re-split if your second card for a hand is the same value as your original split cards.